Friday, 31 October 2014

Changing trends: Bollywood seeks out YouTube stars for publicity

An emerging trend being observed is that Bollywood Superstars are seeking popular YouTube channels such as TheViralFever (TVF) to reach out to youth.
A few weeks ago, Shah Rukh Khan's Red Cillies Entertainment approached TheViralFever to feature a video for the promotion of his latest film - Happy New Year. The ingenious team at TVF came up with this hilarious video, which pits the inimitable Arnub Goswami in a battle of wits with SRK himself.

A recent article on Quartz India elaborates on this new trend -
The video that Shahrukh Khan—the world’s second richest actor—shot with The Viral Fever got 1.4 million views within six days. The ability to create buzz and reach significant audiences very quickly is attracting brands and celebrities to the medium

So why are Bollywood Stars - whose films rake hundreds of crores of rupees - seeking the help of online video channels?

A Google India spokesperson told Quartz that YouTube’s web originals partners (as distinct from partners that push television or film content online) in India have witnessed a 300% growth in traffic in just one year.
Less than three years ago, viable online video networks were unfathomable. But as internet penetration and mobile device usage rise rapidly in India, prospects for such networks are looking up. YouTube doesn’t disclose the revenue of its partners, and channels also mostly shy away from discussing numbers.

So what does this signify?

The rules of entertainment are being re-written. Power has begun to shift from traditional TV to Internet, and the rules of Internet video are totally different.

For one, on the Internet, competitors for one's attention are way too many - other YouTube channels, Facebook and social media, emails, etc. So if you can't capture the viewer's attention in the first few seconds, you might lose that person, perhaps with no second chance...

Secondly, viewing environments have changed - The TV in a comfortable living room, is being replaced by the mobile during the daily commute - at least for the younger generation - and that has it's own distractions and interruptions.

On the plus side, the tech-savvy younger generation is glued to the Internet. So if you caught their imagination, they are your fans for life! And this generation is growing - in age and size!

Exciting times ahead

How this might pan out, is difficult to say. But to stay ahead of the game, one should learn from Bollywood stalwarts, and start thinking Internet.

It time to wake up, and smell the coffee!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Navigable Videos: A new path to tread

After months of prototyping the erstwhile video-creation app, field trials and conversations with our end-users, we have decided to close it down.

We have realised that the problem we are solving, does not feature in the top-5 priority list for either students or teachers. It's time now to move on.

During our extensive interactions with students, we noticed a few things (to our surprise)

1. Video consumption is increasing -whether for learning or entertainment
2. Consumption is moving to mobile devices
3. Patience levels are going down
4. Finding content inside a long video is a big problem

We have decided to solve this problem, and initial prototyping and field trials have resulted in exciting feedback. So this is our new avatar -

Do let us know how you like it!

- The DrawTyme Team