Friday, 27 March 2015

DrawTyme Lauches Apps - Learn Yoga from 'Yoga Guru'

We are glad to announce launch of our first app, where we have taken the technology behind navigable videos to mobile app.

Yoga Guru App on Google Play
Yoga Guru  - Collection of some of the most popular Yoga videos taught by some of the well known and qualified Yoga teachers from the world. You can learn Yoga with these videos - for general fitness as well as for specific purpose, such as for weight reduction, back pain relief, office yoga, stress relief etc.

This app is created using DrawTyme APIs that allow viewers to bookmark their own moments. In such self-learning videos, viewers often have a strong need to create their own bookmarks for future reference and for sharing. We have made it possible which was not available due to lack of convenient tools on mobile.

All the DrawTyme functionality - such as creating bookmarks, navigating through the significant moments, sharing the interesting moments and sharing the video parts selectively - are all now available on mobile devices.  Given that viewers often want to share only small clips while watching a big video, now they can do so without searching for such small clip without worrying about physically cutting a smaller video. 

We encourage you to download and install this app on your android device from Google Play Store. Whether you are regular yoga practitioner or wannabe yoga student, this app will be very useful to you. Please share any interesting moment from these videos on your social media and influence your circle to take up Yoga!

We are keen to hear your feedback, and are always looking to include your suggestions. Your feedback will indeed help us create an awesome experience for all video viewers.