Friday, 8 May 2015

How to add images for your moments

In this post you will find some cool tips how to add images to your moments. Images help you highlight and communicate significant moments very effectively. Viewers can quickly get a gist just by looking at the picture and quickly connect with the moment. When you share a moment with image on social media, your followers will see this image which is relevant to the moment (unlike the default image for the video).

You need a screen capture tool. Many screen capture tools area available for free - such as . Here we have given example with Skitch by Evernote, which can be downloaded from (Disclaimer: This is not endorsement or recommendation for any product, it is simply for illustration purpose here).

Now follow a few simple steps to capture and add images for your moments:
  1. Start the video that you are tagging, insert moment(s)
  2. Start Skitch. Take the video to the point from which you want to capture the screenshot
  3. Switch to Skitch and click "Screen Snap". The focus will move to the browser where you were adding DrawTyme moments to your video

  4. You will see the cross. Click the left top of the area that you wish to select. Keep left mouse pressed and drag mouse to cover the entire area that should be captured. When mouse is released, this area is copied to Skitch
  5. In Skitch, click "Crop" button. Adjust four corners of the rectangle to select the required part of the image. Once done, click "Apply"

  6. From the Skitch Menu, select appropriate option to save image locally on the computer
  7. From DrawTyme Moments tab on the browser, click the "Insert Image" button. Insert the newly created image and click "Upload". Your moment with image is ready.

 Below is a video that would guide you through the steps.

 Feel free to write to us if this was/was not helpful and whether we answered your queries fully. Cheers.