Adding images to Moments

Once a moment is added, you can add images to the moments. You need a screen capture tool such as snagit, skitch, gimp etc. There are many free or free trial tools available in the market that fit our purpose. .

1. Start the screen capture tool. Here we have used Skitch. (Disclaimer: This is not endorsement or recommendation for any product, it is simply for illustration purpose here)

2. Play the video to the point where you want to to take screenshot

3. Switch to Skitch and click "Screen Snap". The focus will move to the browser where you were adding DrawTyme moments to your video

4. You will see the cross. Click the left top of the area that you wish to select. Keep left mouse pressed and drag mouse to cover the entire area that should be captured. When mouse is released, this area is copied to Skitch

5. In Skitch, click "Crop" button. Adjust four corners of the rectangle to select the required part of the image. Once done, click "Apply"

6. From the Skitch Menu, select appropriate option to save image locally on the computer

7. From DrawTyme Moments tab on the browser, click the "Insert Image" button. Insert the newly created image and click "Upload". Your moment with image is ready.

After insertion, the moment will show thumbnail of the inserted image.

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