Modifying Moments and republishing

You can modify the Moment text, time and image. You can also permanently delete the moments or video. Next few steps will show you how you can do so.

1. To modify text and/or time of a moment, click the edit button on that moment

2. In the opened dialog box, edit text as required. If you need to change the time, enter the new time in appropriate box. You can also add html tags such as <b>(enter text...)</b> to highlight text. Save once done and the new moment will be visible instead of old.

3. To change image, follow the same procedure as that for insert image to a moment. Click here for details

4. To delete a moment, click delete button on a moment. A confirmation screen will appear. The moment will be deleted upon confirmation.
NOTE- The deleting moment is permanent. Use this option with caution

5. Below the video player there are a few controls for certain actions on the entire video. Click Publish Changes to display the changes in published videos (e.g. changed moments, newly added moments)
Until this button is clicked, the changes will not be reflected in published video, they will only appear here in edit mode.

Click UnPublish Video to take the video offline. The

6. Click Delete Video to delete the all the moment tags on the video. The original video from YouTube is not deleted, only all the moments and publish link are deleted.

7. Click change button to change the channel. Select the appropriate channel from dropdown list and click done

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