Adding “Moments” to video

Adding Moments to video is simple and easy. You need to know a few controls to get to you speed.

1. When a new video is added, the screen looks as below. There is an embedded YouTube player with the desired video. Next to which there is the tagging window. Below the video player you will see the a time bar. Below that is the title of the video and its description, both taken from YouTube.

2. The additional video controls allow you to move forward or backward 15 seconds while playing video

3. Start playing video by clicking either Play button within player or the one shown in the picture above. When you want to create a moment, click in the moment text box. The video will pause automatically.
You will notice that the time shown in the box next to moment text will match that on the video player.

Type the text in the moment text box as shown above. You can change the time by typing the correct one in the time text box. By clicking OK button, the moment is added.

4. When moment is added to the video, you will see it listed in the box to the right of video player. You will also see a yellow mark on the time bar below the player, indicating presence of a moment at that time.

5. Resume the play and add more moments as desired

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